Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Pictures!

Well after a busy few weeks, I figured it is time to post more pictures. So here we go...

Awe check out this cute Hello Kitty car decal in pink!
Scentsy Car Decal
Japanese saying for "Let's Eat"
These are too cute!!!  I had a client who wanted a Blues Clues theme for her daughter but wasn't too sure on how to put everything in a neat grouping.  So with the images of Blue, Magenta and Sprinkles I added the big smiling sun some blue dots and these cute paw prints.  I even used the catty font to make her name (digitally removed from the picture) to make "the clue".   

 Thank you so much for allowing to post this on my blog!!!   
(Name has been blurred by request)

Awe more Hello Kitty Decals.  They are reversed images.  Two car decals, same image, just completed differently.
Ahoy Maties!!! This pirate ship can be place either to the side, above or below the pirate saying below...Don't like that one??? I have 5 more...just ask!
Yawn Yawn Nighty Nite! :)