Monday, August 9, 2010

FYI :)

I know, I know it's been awhile since I actually posted.  I can honestly tell you that I have been a busy worker bee and enjoying every second of it!  I am so thankful to my customers and all the wonderful reviews I have been receiving on  I work hard to provide everyone with the best products available and the individual quality service you truly deserve...and for that reason in particular, I want to explain a few things.

I have been asked about doing parties and I just wanted to put it out there that I do not do parties for a few specific reasons...  First, I prefer to work with you one on one to give you the undivided attention you deserve.  I surely do not mind a few friends coming together but having parties or pressuring group sales has never been my style.  2nd, I want to be sure that we are both confident in understanding what you want.  I want to ensure that I have your personal vision in mind and we are completely on the same page every step of the way.

Another thing I wanted to address is wood boards.  At this time,  I do not put your vinyl designs on painted boards because most people want to put it up on their walls or vehicles.  If you think about it, by the time you take it down, which is usually around PCS time, your style, car and taste may change.  Let's face it, your 5 year old may love a princess theme mural but in 3 years she might want to be a rock star.  Placing items on boards to take it with you may sound great right now, but just like clothes, you may grow out it or decide to change your style altogether.

Please note that I am not associated with any other vinyl seller here on island or off.  I am an individual vinyl designer and I only sell high quality designs for your walls, business and vehicles.  No shipping required, no added taxes, no pressuring to buy.  I feel my products and reviews speak for themselves!  Feel free to look around and if you see something you like or want to have a custom design, please email me at